Friday Flower Day 2016-06-24 mit Rose

Freitags lädt Holunderblütchen auf ihrem gleichnamigen Blog dazu ein, selbst arrangierte Pflanzen in der Vase zu zeigen. Ich bin zum zehnten Mal gern dabei und präsentiere, ebenfalls beim Floral Friday Foto und Miss Red Fox:

Eine zartduftende Rose

in einer

vor der Mülltonne geretteten Vase


ffd-2016-06-24_LachsfarbeneRose(04)_klein ffd-2016-06-24_LachsfarbeneRose(02)_klein

Ich freue mich heute auf einen lieben Besuch und einen schönen Ausflug.

Dennoch, die Entscheidung der Briten stimmt mich heute traurig.

Mit sonnigen Grüßen aus dem Garten


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  1. Beate von Stern sagt:

    Blume statt Pudding – die Oma wäre auch begeistert !!!

    1. Maria sagt:

      Alles außer Griesbrei mit Marmelade ; ) Komm her, machen wir eine Göttinnenspeise : )

  2. Thank you for taking part in the Floral Friday Fotos meme.

  3. joanna sagt:

    Hiya Maria,
    Why sad?
    We’re still here’ We’ haven’t changed. You can still come and visit or talk to us.
    These decisions are only about money. doesn’t change the culture, doesn’t change the landscape and doesn’t change the people.
    The EU wasn’t a club – it was purely a business arrangement.
    40 years is a long time. and on line we are still connected.

    I am sorry your rose leaves give you trouble. Have you tried spraying yoghurt on them before they get blackspot?

  4. Maria sagt:

    Hi Joanna, in fact nobody really knows how it’s going to be, because Britain is the first one which has decided to leave. So let’s the and hope the best. But I don’t see much reason for hope.

    If this decision really was only about money, you should have stayed. Enterprises are already for a long time in contact with Northern Ireland, Germany and preparing their on exit. They choose well known legislation rather than at least two years of changes, and a troubled market which is even getting smaller. The Scots are going to vote to leave the UK, see also the discussion which is going on in Northern Irleand. I definitely hope that there will be “not a single bullet”, too, as Nigel Farage said.

    But that’s not the main reason, it will not affect my daily life. Of course the landscape is going to stay the same, the culture, the people – well, I am not so sure whether it doesn’t change somebody to loose his job. It’s that our continent is already staggering under many crises. Instead of staying in and helping to solve problems you just decided to… leave. You could have spelt the beginning of the end of the European Union – which is far more than a business arrangement.

    I hope there will not a single favour for Britain – no grants and benifits, nothing, in order to at least hold back the french people from voting for Le Pen. Nationalism is not the answer to the 21st century. 75 per cent of the young voters understood this and voted “in”. It’s been the old ones who decided about a future which will not be their future.

    Thank you for the yoghurt advice, I’ll give it a try.

  5. Wie gut, dass du die Vase gerettet hast, liebe Maria , sie passt so wunderbar zur Rose 🙂
    Ganz herzliche Grüße und eine schöne neue Woche, helga

    1. Maria sagt:

      Dir auch, liebe Helga : ) Die Vase stand inmitten von Gerümpel und war dort sichtlich fehl am Platz. Jetzt ziert sie unseren Geschirrschrank – oder eben den Tisch. Ich mag gerettete Dinge : ), oft lieber als neue.

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